Learn my story!

Sahar ahmadi, born 1975. I had completed my art degree at The National School of Art in Kerman, Iran, in 1990. Meanwhile, I offered painting sessions in my private art studio for 6 years, from 1998. Additionally, I had participated in a couple of art exhibitions at The Sahar Art Gallery, and the 2016 BAB exhibition.
Moreover, I find inspiration everywhere, and contemporary art is a source among many others, such as the beautiful bahrain. More specifically, womens' prevalence in this culture and other cultures, which also refers to the topic of love. A woman's reflection of her existence and her surroundings in this world is what particularly feeds my growing curiosity and urge to explore. Furthermore, I work with acrylic on canvas because I want to comprise some of the typical illustrative elements in my paintings, which may emphasize both strong and cheerful colors, movement and light to express my own sensitivity in an instinctive way, without any calculation in advance. Originality and expressive potency of pure color are inspirational for me. I am involved in a continuous process to look for new ideas, and to go further in my creativity.
I believe art is a unique language, which gives the artist the freedom of speech through any type of methodology it may serve as to translate the message to the audience.
Whilst, we are living in a vulnerable and dangerous period, in which ethnicity, religion, politics and geography, split societies with suspicion, rather than uniting people with understanding.
All in all, not much has changed in terms of the circumstances in which we live in, but 10 years later, it would be hard to deny the power that art and culture have and continue to have in uniting us.